Transparent offering

No fine print, no confusing clauses, no variable margins. At Beager, we have chosen a fixed and transparent commission.

Already working with freelancers?


7% of the invoice amount, before tax

Regroup your selection of profiles on the Beager platform and enjoy better legal protection, a clear overview of all your missions along with powerful monitoring tools

Centralized administrative management and reporting
Compliance (KYS)
Professional liability insurance
E-contracting via Beager
Unlimited access to Beager's benefits package for your talent
Automated online mission tracking
Payment by direct debit
Payment by bank transfer option (+40 € per day)
Looking for new talent?


24% of the invoice amount, before tax

Enjoy full support: we source top talent to meet your needs and offer you unlimited access to all our services and tools


All the advantages of the BeagerSafe offer and more:
Dedicated Business Manager
Selection and suggestion of profiles (within 72 hours)
Tried and tested qualification process (interviews, matchmaking tests, references).
Introduction and follow-up of suggested profiles
In-depth mission follow-up with Beager
Payment by direct debit
Payment by bank transfer option (+40 € per day)

Where do the commissions collected by Beager go?



Your rates seem somewhat higher than some of your competitors. Is there a reason for this difference?
According to the BRAPI 2020 study, which analyzed a great deal of intermediation platforms, more than 65% of the players in the French market still use unclear and/or variable models that ultimately, cost the company more money. Beager chooses transparency and introduces a very clear model with no hidden costs or fine print. Our rates are consistent with our actual service quality and customized support throughout the mission.
Why does the company have to bear the entire cost?
Experience shows that freelancers routinely adjust their rates to include the costs charged to them. This means the company is always the one to indirectly bear this cost. In fact, many platforms charge a client commission on a rate that has already been increased by the commission charged to the freelancer. The commission that’s shown by the platform seems to be much lower when it is in fact similar, or even higher.
Are there any possible discounts based on the quantity of services provided?
Our model is simple, transparent and equal, with a fixed price. We do not apply commercial discounts simply because our added value is not tied to the number of services entrusted to us. We believe that every company should have equal access to top talent!
How can I make sure that I am paying the right price for each mission?
We deal with hundreds of profiles and clients on a monthly basis. Our in-depth industry knowledge helps us negotiate the best possible rates between the talent and the company at any given time.
What is the difference between Beager and IT services companies?
With freelance work on the rise, IT services companies are forced to outsource a growing part of their missions, but without taking into account the singularity of the freelance status. At Beager, working with freelance consultants is our core competency.
I am seeking to hire talent. Can you help me?
Beager is also your partner when it comes to recruiting employees under permanent contracts. Our successful model is risk-free for our clients, with a monthly commission of 2% of the gross package of the hired employee during 12 months, after a first invoice of 1%, upon signing the employment contract (i.e. a total commission of 25%). In the event of effective termination of the employment contract, regardless of the reason, the unbilled portion of the commission shall cease to be due.

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