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Beager connects top talent to projects through cutting-edge tools and bespoke solutions, based on the values of one another. Based on your situation we seek out the most suitable talent and we do so in a flash!

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We find talent perfectly suited to your context in record time!

We find
the mission that suits you

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Quick and easy Sign-up

Signing up is easy with Beager, you can simply import your CV or LinkedIn profile
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Identifying your needs

Beager is curious - what makes you stand out? values, motivations, career plans..
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Target missions

Beager offers you tailored missions that really fuel your ambitions
<p>Interview Preparation &amp; Coaching</p>

Interview Preparation & Coaching

Beager introduces the business environment, the structure and the challenges related to the projects you’ve selected
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Communication & follow-up

Beager oversees the successful launch and smooth running of the mission

They trust us

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Our main areas
of expertise

Management consulting
Corporate Strategy and Organization, Interim Management, Management and Finance, Process
Digital Transformation
Agility, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Growth hacking, UX/UI Design, Web Analytics
Project Management
Guidance, Business Analysis, Schedule Management, Project Management Office, Change Management
IT, Data & Technology
Architecture, Software Development, QA & Testing, Cloud, Big Data, IA, RPA, Blockchain, IoT

A platform
designed for you

Beager provides you with first class tools that will make your day-to-day life easier, allowing you to focus on your company's core business
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Why should you choose Beager ?


Tailored missions

We routinely check and clarify the context of each job opportunity before presenting it to you.

Close monitoring at all times

Beager is with you every step of the way, the onboarding process, the course of the mission and finally, the offboarding.

Guaranteed monthly payment

Beager pays all your invoices without delay, avoiding any unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

A total freebie for the talent

Our model is competitive and pretty straightforward: it’s based on a fixed commission charged only to the company. That means you have nothing to pay.
to be paid by the talent
successful matches
for a qualified pre-selection of profiles
countries covered by the Beager offer

High-value-added service

"Beager is a matchmaking service based on a thorough qualification of missions and talent. We first assess the needs of the companies then proceed to a thorough evaluation of each profile, that includes legal compliance, skills, career plans, personality and values. This unique approach ensures that the expectations, challenges and issues of each client are met. Our digital tools provide optimal management of services across the board (operations, quality and finance) for the talent pool but also for the Procurement, HR and Operational departments of companies."

Passion brings us together

We focus all our energy on your continued success. Driven by our dedication and commitment we strive to bring you the missions tailored to you
Mission statement is not enough, we comb through all the opportunities to satisfy your most demanding expectations
Work should no longer be the end goal. It must lead to self-development, be challenging and empower people to overcome challenges
We're shaping the future. Ethics, transparency, respect and corporate environmental responsibility are the hallmarks of what we do

Beager hits the headlines

Read our article in Le Monde: "A growing population of highly skilled workers is choosing the path of freelancing".

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